The Ivgate Project

Mail and News Feeds

The Ivgate Project was formed in 1990 to provide convenient and low-cost e-mail, Echomail, and Usenet News feeds to noncommercial BBS systems and other noncommercial on-line systems.

The Ivgate Project offers the following to member systems:

  • Third-level domain names within the domain

  • Fully-connected Internet electronic mail

  • Fidonet Echomail. Backbone and regional echoconferences

  • Usenet News. All major hierarchies, including regionals

  • Noncommercial World-Wide-Web pages

    Services are charged on a cost-recovery basis. Member systems may not make material obtained from The Ivgate Project available to other nonmember systems. All member systems must have a system operator of record who is 18 years of age or older. Fidonet Echomail feeds require normal Fidonet membership.

    Servers of The Ivgate Project are operated by volunteers and receive no compensation. Commercial use of the material provided by The Ivgate Project is prohibited. Ivgate's operators reserve the right to limit or suspend feeds to member systems which place an undue burden on the servers or the volunteer operators.

    If you operate a noncommercial system and would like to join The Ivgate Project, please send e-mail to Jack Winslade. Please be sure to leave a valid e-mail address and a voice telephone number at which you may be reached.