March Meeting

Topic: Wake for Fidonet

Creighton University, College of Business Administration, Eppley Building, Room 111.

March Omahug Meeting
Sunday, March 11, 7:00 pm

Topic: Wake for Fidonet

We officially say goodbye to Omahug's Ivgate Project, which provided mail and Usenet news to Omaha's BBS community for 10 years.

Nostalgia, sympathy, musings, and maybe some WAW.

(Be there or Be L7)


Creighton University, 2500 California Plaza, College of Business Administration, Eppley Building, Room 111.

Click HERE for the MAP!

Click HERE for illustrated instructions on how to get there.

The Eppley Building is on the north end of the campus, just south of Burt Street. Burt street runs east only, so if you are coming down Burt go past the Interstate entrance, and take the first Creighton drive on your right. Don't take the sharp right turn, take the "lazy right" turn to go to Parking Lot 67. (those of you longtime Omahans may know that Lot 67 used to be the Creighton football field). Since classes haven't started yet, there is plenty of free parking right behind the building.

Look for the College of Business / Eppley Building - it's a tan building connected to the east of the Rigge Science building. Eppley is west of St. John's church and east of the Criss medical buildings.

There are two parking-level entrances to the Eppley building. Either one will get you into our building, and then go to room 111. I will hang a few signs directing folks to the correct room.

If you are coming north from 24th street, go north past Dodge. Take the second left. The first left takes you to the Bluejay, the second left takes you to Creighton's Peripheral Road. Take the road around campus - as you drive down the road, you will pass the Kiewit Fitness Center and several dorms. The road curves to the right, and take the curve. Take the second right turn (this is the one with the overpass connecting the Criss medical buildings) and you will be in Lot 67.

If you are coming down the Interstate, take 480 north to Cuming street. You will get off at the Cuming Street exit, and take three left turns (you will be turning around Robert's Dairy) and these lefts willl put you on Burt street, where you can take the first right - the Creighton entrance - and take the "lazy right" turn and you are in Lot 67.

If you get lost, call Terry at 681-3420 and he will try to get you on the right track :-)