oma.* Usenet Newsgroups

Obtaining Feeds of oma.* Newsgroups

The Ivgate Project makes available at no charge, feeds of Usenet Newsgroups in the oma.* hierarchy. Feeds are available via UUCP or NNTP (push or pull methods).

If you run an ISP and currently do not carry the oma.* groups, please see contact information below. If you are a subscriber of an ISP who does not carry the oma.* groups, have their news administrator contact the address below.

For Fidonet systems, these groups are available through the Net 285 Echomail Coordinator, or the Region 14 Echomail Backbone.

When oma.general was created in 1989, it was agreed by the four founding systems that it was to be a totally open conference, and the only requirements were to find a feed and be able to process the information. It was also agreed that the sole remedy for anything anyone did not like about it was to quit reading (or quit carrying) it.

Currently the two most active groups are oma.general and, although a few others do exist.

If you would like further feed informatiom for the oma.* groups, please send e-mail to Jack Winslade. Please be sure to leave a valid e-mail address and a voice telephone number at which you may be reached.