Vintage Computer Festival 4.0

Sept. 30 - Oct. 1, San Jose Convention Center

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Keynotes and Ramblings

Jim Warren
Founding Editor,
Dr. Dobbs
Bill Godbout Sellam Ismail, Founder, Vintage Computer Festival

Artifacts from the Stone Age
Presented by Computer Museum of America

Early Laptop ;-)
(micro trainer)
50's vintage
aviation analog computer
Friden Electronic Calculator
Germanium transistors
ca. 1963
Card cage for
'real' computer

Pre-PC IBM 5100 'Portable'
ca. 1978

Nicolet Biomedical Computer

Apple I (One of approximately 200 known to exist)

Exidy Sorcerer Processor Technology SOL Intellec MCS 8
(8008 processor)

Ohio Scientific (with dual 8" floppy)

MITS Altair 8800 (first S100 computer)
(Scelbi 8H in background)
IMSAI 8080
(First 'clone' computer)

Magnavox Odyssey2 Computer Tomy Tutor

Commodore PET

Apple Lisa
ca. 1983
Early Mcintosh portables

NEXT Station

Early Hewlett-Packard 9000 workstation Hewlett-Packard all-in-one
(including printer)

AT&T 3B1 ('Unix PC')

Visual Computers


Osborn Executive

(Only significant H-Z content in show)

From the (former) Soviet Union

California Extreme 2000
(Held in conjunction with VCF4.0)

Mint Apple I, first prize for Best Of Show

And no trip to San Jose is complete without a visit to ...
(Did somebody say Fry's ??)